About the Site

Welcome to Bleah!, my personal presence on the web. My name is Simon Ward, and this site is about me, my experiences, and other random bits of stuff. My random musings and rants will get dumped in my blog, but I also hope the site will become a repository of useful resources.

I chose the name “Bleah!” mainly because “bleah” is a made up word I have often used as a sort of meaningless placeholder, similar to usage of “meh”. (The name may also have something to do with my being unable to think of a good domain name that wasn’t already in use.)

The site is built using ikiwiki, a wiki compiler developed by Joey Hess, and runs on Debian GNU/Linux, all hosted on a Bytemark virtual machine.

About Me

I drink tea and work in information security and system administration by day, and can often be caught drinking beer and attempting not to do work in the evening. I am a free software advocate, and associate member of the Free Software Foundation. I like tinkering with software, programming (especially in Python), reading, and cycling (though I don’t get out nearly enough).