South Cheshire GNU/Linux Users met in Macclesfield last night, and I went for the first time. Getting there was pretty painless: Macclesfield station is probably the furthest in that direction that I can get a direct train to from Levenshulme, and the venue, The Society Rooms, is easy to find.

The turn out was good, I think I counted twelve, and someone said it was probably a record. Normally they get about three or four people. To accommodate us we had to commandeer some extra furniture, comfy furniture. The Society Rooms is quite nice considering it’s a Wetherspoons pub (I’m used to the ones in Manchester).

We started off by introducing ourselves: There were people from quite varying backgrounds, including step‐ father and son who were just getting into GNU+Linux. I wasn’t the only person wearing a Debian shirt either. Stranger things have happened (no pink elephants involved here).

Topics covered included various UNIX‐like operating systems, virtualisation, the broken MS OOXML specification, network cards that silently corrupt traffic. It was well worth going, and I hope to make it to future meetings.