I have graduated from the Department of Computer Science at The University of Manchester with a BSc (Hons) Computer Science.


My final year project is titled "Regular Expressions and Finite State Automata". The aim was to create a tool which will illustrate the correspondence between regular expressions [Sch03, pp.5-6] and finite state automata [Sch03, pp.7-10].


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Related Links

In addition to the authoritative references listed above, I have also collected some links to sites which may contain useful information related to my project:

Other Work

I am involved with a computer game project started by Computer Science students at the University of Manchester. The aim is to create a computer game so those involved can defeat the apparent catch-22 situation involved in getting into the computer games industry. The current plans are for a space combat game.

Curriculum Vitae

My curriculum vitae is available online in several different file formats. Note that updated versions of my curriculum vitae are now located on the CV page of my new home site.