The December (aka Christmas, apparently) currybeer (that would be the ManLUG (well (I hope you like parentheses), really #manlug) meeting that happens on the first Friday of the month) went well enough.

Five others turned up at Hardy’s Well. Notably missing were:

  • Matt Lee. He said he would come but buggered off to some party in Leeds instead. We know how important we are.

  • Paul Waring Long time organiser of the currybeer, but a little unwell tonight. If he can’t make it, there’s always someone else, like me, who can be around to herd (hurd?) up the geeks entering the pub. I hope he gets better.

  • Noah Slater. He claimed something along the lines of not being able to afford it, yet Tim Dobson, who is a poor student who claims becoming a student member of the FSF is a bit of a financial blocker, managed to. Noah actually gets paid. Finding out whether that’s for work is left as an exercise to the reader.

Edit: Perfdave says he isn’t notable and that I smell of badger wee. I do not dispute either.