I satisfied a niggle yesterday. It took only a teeny amount of effort too.

When browsing with Epiphany and discovering a feed that I thought I might be interested in, with the help of the News Feed Subscription extension I could easily add the feed to Liferea’s subscriptions. That would be fine if I still used Liferea to read news feeds; I now use Newsbeuter.

Newsbeuter simply uses a file containing a URI at the start of each line, so it’s really easy to add new feeds. The thing took two attempts and can be found as Newsbeuter D-Bus on Miscbits. Two attempts because I scratched my head for some minutes wondering why I could update my feed list with dbus-send but Epiphany wasn’t playing. The D-Bus interface documented in the Developer Guide on GNOME Live! was org.gnome.rss.FeedReader, which has apparently since changed to org.gnome.feed.Reader. I updated the wiki page, changed a few lines in my script, and yay, I can add feeds to Newsbeuter’s feed list from Epiphany.

While I was at it, I updated the Miscbits project wiki a bit:

  • Scrapped the News section. I’ll probably set up a new feed that doesn’t appear in my main feed on my site instead.

  • Added a catch‐all license for Misbits stuff. Basically, that what is not already licensed differently is licensed under the terms of GPLv3.

  • Updated the permissions blurbs for existing Miscbits projects to allow distribution under the terms of GPLv3. Updates to the actual project files in the repository will follow at some point. For substantial changes I’m considering changing licenses to GPLv3 only.