There was an impressive turnout at the #manlug currybeer. A whopping eighteen people turned up. There were a few new faces, including, but probably not limited to Simon Murray, a friend from my university days who now gets to be called “pink”, and some fellows known by their IRC nicks in #manlug as Falken and parag0n. Also there were Daniel and Rob after a bit of a break, Leslie was kind enough to give Eve a lift, and Matt came along too.

Paul took us along to Lal Haweli, a restaurant I’m not sure has ever let me down, and last night it didn’t let us down either. They had no problems, or didn’t show them, seating eighteen of us at no notice. Popadums as usual, lime pickle included. The lime pickle was extra yummy too. It felt like there was some time before the starters came around, but that may have just been my curry cravings, I can’t help it. I had a lovely, gingery “lamb special” for my main course.

Back to Hardy’s Well afterwards. Of course, they rock too.