Life seems to have been taken up with other things these past few weeks.

Since I mentioned OpenStreetMap I have done a little bit more mapping, including Birchfields Park in Longsight, and some bits around Deansgate Locks. I have a number of pending questions about mapping bits of the latter area, but just haven’t got around to asking.

I had neglected my bike a bit. To make up for it, I gave it a good clean. The cadence sensor to go with my Edge 305 arrived last week, so I’m sure I’ll have a little “must play with new shiney gadget” phase that gets me out a bit more. I had hoped to cycle over to my mum’s this weekend, but I think I have left it a little late.

Also last week, I have suddenly become a whole lot more involved with Manchester Free Software. We had Alex Hudson speak mainly about the Bongo Project, and followed up in Fab Cafe with a meeting to discuss the future of Manchester Free Software. The minutes are online in the Manchester area of the FSF Groups wiki for those interested. Next month we have John Leach, author of Everybody Loves Eric Raymond. He’ll be talking about that, as well as well as Brightbox, a Ruby on Rails hosting provider.