I’m sure everyone who knows me knows by now, but just in case you don’t: Richard Stallman is speaking in Manchester.

Paul Robinson, who has kindly offered to host Richard Stallman for his visit, expresses his opinion on the size of the lecture theatre the BCS have booked. He’s not alone, I wholeheartedly agree. We don’t just have people coming from Manchester. We have, that I have heard rumour of, people from Yorkshire, and even the Midlands. As said on the Futuresonic site:

A rare UK talk by Richard Stallman, founder of the Free Software movement.

This is a rare thing, attendance is very likely to be good. I can only hope the catering guys sorting out the “refreshments” before the talk have been forewarned.

Note: The Futuresonic talk is a different one to the Manchester Free Software and BCS/IET‐organised event. Go to both!

I wouldn’t mind knowing about Paul Robinson’s backup plans though:

however there is a backup plan those of us with an ear to the ground will have in place.

I haven’t had my ear pressed to the ground hard enough, despite being a silent(‐ish) observer of the liaison between Paul Waring on behalf of Manchester Free Software, RMS and the FSF, and the BCS (and IET, but apparently they left it all to the BCS to sort out).

Manchester Free Software (well, Paul Waring) asked the BCS and the IET to help, because we knew it would be big. Manchester Free Software didn’t get a mention on the initial flyers from the IET (they didn’t know there was an involvement), so if I’m being a little paranoid I hope you can understand. That is not important though: What is important is that Richard Stallman’s words on freedom are heard by many.