Tim Dobson seems to forget his manners. Common (or maybe not so these days) courtesy would suggest that all one has to do is ask the authors if you wish to reproduce their works.

A copyright licence giving such permissions is merely an enabler to get around current laws being overly restrictive. A licence shouldn’t even be necessary: We should be attempting to reduce copyright terms to a reasonable length that both encourages people to author works, and allows society to benefit from them. Further, if you circumvent copyright by pressuring everyone to release works under free licences, you will also remove some of the incentive, which copyright is supposed to provide, to write.

I don’t like being pressured into licensing my site or making changes to make the licence visible, even though I already intend to do so. If you would like to reproduce a part of my site, be polite, ask. Chances are I won’t take a chunk out of your ankle, and will allow the reproduction.