The fool that I am, I locked myself out of my flat (again). This time, thankfully, I didn’t end up paying some extortionate amount of money to call someone out to slide a piece of plastic through the latch. Instead, as well as realising I had left my keys inside, I realised I had left a window open, and borrowed some ladders from a neighbour.

The latch is effective enough to keep someone unprepared out, but with just a piece of plastic can be opened in less than five minutes. Normally, I’d lock the mortice lock too, but then if I could lock the mortice lock I would have my keys. That would then have been of little use had I not realised I left the window open, which is probably the way things would have gone had I not forgot my keys. Arrgh!

To complete my mini adventure, the reason I left my flat in the first place was to go to a shop around the corner. I bumped into PerfDave and said “hello”, etc, went into the shop to find they didn’t have what I wanted, went to another shop across the road and bumped into PerfDave again, who thought I may have got lost because I was coming from the wrong direction.