Last weekend I went to an Introduction to LRM and psychogeography. PerfDave mentioned the Loiterers Resistance Movement when discussing the OpenStreetMap talk for Manchester Free Software, so I went to learn more, and give OpenStreetMap a mention.

The meeting began with an a few people speaking about different aspects of psychogeography, the meaning of which noone’s really clear on anyway. I think that’s what makes part of it: The mystery.

We split off into groups, each with “maps” collated from drawings made by those present. The idea was to wander around Manchester and interpret the drawings as places to go to, or directions to take. If I’ve made it sound boring, it was actually quite fun, and a pleasant walk, while others in the group would talk about the history of the places we went through.

The LRM have a festival going on this month, the Get Lost Festival, in association with TRIP and the Royal Exchange Theatre. I’m planning to go to some more events, starting with the Tour of Old Ancoats tomorrow. If you’re interested, take a look at the full programme.