Tollef Fog Heen writes:

Somebody please write a free syndicate (or syndicate wars) clone.

in response to Clint Adams’s post:

Dear Sirs and/or/but Madam:

Kindly write a free clone of Syndicate Wars.

Nostalgia hits me: I still have the original Amiga version lying about somewhere. I also have Amigas, and their Kickstart ROMs, and UAE, so I am still able to play this fantastic game. The Amiga version of Syndicate is available to download from Ami Sector One.

Like all good games I thought there just had to be a free clone, and there is! After a small amount of searching I found FreeSynd. It is very much in progress, but the news on the front page of the web site indicates that there is a playable first level as of 2006-12-21.

In other news resiak requested that I change the title of my web log to something other than “Web Log”, so I did. I also changed the way my site was generated slightly. Hopefully I did this without messing things up for aggregators.